The Pursuit of Pleasure is the first Russian book on behavioral marketing, published in the Germany in English for worldwide


Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence
Is pleasure the “supreme blessing,” as Epicurus thought? Or is it a dangerous tool used by marketers to attract and control consumers? The Ultimatum of Pleasure is a fascinating and thought provoking look at the concept of pleasure from both a human and business point of view.

Martin de Munnik, Founder at Neurensics, CEO The Neuromarketing Science & Business Association:
Why marketers should read this book. 80% of all products introduced, is withdrawn from the market within two years. Annually over 60% of all advertising spending in the US alone, is wasted money. Marketers do a bad job? Yes and no. All marketers understand that you need to focus on the reward a product gives, rather than focus on the function of the product. But what they don’t know is that it is the pleasure coming from an intrinsic reward that drives our behavior. The book teaches it.

Dr. Peter Steidl, Principal at Neurothinking, author of Neurobranding:

The authors explore an often ignored, yet exceedingly important, topic: the human drive to experience pleasure and the consequences of the resulting behaviour. From early warnings by leading philosophers of their day to modern neuroscience insights the authors present evidence showing the prevalence of pleasure seeking and the resulting degradation of the world we live in. Their hope that humankind might move from seeking pleasure in individual pursuit to joining forces and deriving pleasure from jointly addressing the challenges humankind faces today deserves support despite the low odds that it might become reality.


The authors discuss how to get rid of the yoke of pleasure, which threatens not only the personal economic freedom, but also may result in degradation of the entire society. The book changes the perception of pleasure as personal enjoyment and discusses its dominant role in social development.


This is not quite a common academic or mass-market book. As it has been co-authored by a doctor of philosophy, Professor Dallakyan, and Arsen Dallan, a corporate giant’s top manager with a wealth of experience in applied marketing, the book is not merely a result of theoretical reflection and research but also a practical guide providing answers on how to change one’s life. We can safely say that the book refers to both personal and public lives of all people.

The Ultimatum of Pleasure captures the nature and essence of the pleasure phenomenon both as a behavioral stimulus for all humans and as the most important determinant of the personal development of individuals and the shared human culture. Learning the mechanisms of pleasure management, humans can become their own masters, similarly to how behavioral marketing specialists manage consumer behavior and the societal development. As a matter of fact, this book reveals the essential transmutation of the 21st century’s marketing by disclosing how it targets not the individual’s needs but the pleasure seeking urges and has a long-term goal of managing these urges. The natural and philosophical concepts of pleasure are discussed in the book. We will present and evaluate the major philosophical, psychological and physiological schools that interpret the phenomenon of pleasure in their own way. We will pay a particular attention to the behaviorist approach based on psycho-physiological experiments that illustrate the brain's response to pleasure.

Co-evolution of the human pleasure and degree of personal freedom is presented within the retrospective analysis. It is shown that rising above both biological and ego nature is a general line of the social evolution. That is the ultimate goal of the achievement of a human being, self-realization of the true human nature. The historical and genetic

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